Thinking about getting in but still not convinced?

It’s going super well. I check the 3min/15min candle charts, and if I have indicators confirmation, I go for the trade.
99% looks like Black Magic.
“In this market (February) I can say I have returned this investment already and I am playing safe, still learning.
Before, I would purchase whatever coin was being talked about throughout social media. Then, I purchased the coins that paid groups told me to. Now, with TA’s instruction, I’m purchasing coins that I’m TA’ing and I’m much more comfortable in my entries and exits.
These indicators definitely give you more confidence. Just need to learn to get the best out of them in different markets and trades.
And until1mil gives you not only indicators but knowledge that comes with it to make your own strategy.
It’s a good feeling being able to learn and use the tools that until1mil provides to make your own trades on the fly. I’m still learning but I feel much more confident in my abilities instead of relying on signals of others; I was able to make back the cost of the package during the crash.
I was able to gain a nice chunk of sats over the past few days, even during this crash. 14% gain in sats solely trading BTC.

Usernames not disclosed but you can confirm it all here.