Welcome to the until1mil trading group


  1. Intro and Rules
  2. Apps needed
  3. Where can you find us?

Intro and rules

First of all, thank you for checking until1mil.com. If you're not on our discord, click on the top right button on your screen.

This group started in February with 40 founding members and was supposed to have a total of 200.

We're now above 3500+ with 600+ subscribers. We take pride in having good discussions and insights regarding Technical Analysis with a level of respect that you don't see in many places online.

The rules of the discord server are very simple

  • No disrespect whatsoever (On the first, you'll get muted, on the second you'll get banned)

  • No Harassment through DMs = BAN

  • Act like an adult

  • No "when moon" conversations

  • Try to keep offtopic in the offtopic channels

  • If you think a coin is going to move, try to provide TA, even if you think it's lousy.
    No one will mock you, everyone will help.

  • Everything is educational and/or personal opinions, not financial advice

  • There is plenty of info before joining and plenty of people to answer questions so make sure you want to join before joining. There are no trial periods or refunds.

Keep in mind that this is not a primarily signals channel. Yes you'll see signals and positions being advised but that's mostly on the higher tier packages (VAMP and WHALE) and respective channels. You're still responsible for your trades.

Your goal here is to learn and apply. Hand-holding will happen through 1on1s or in higher tier packages, don't be afraid to join discussions about Technical Analysis. Everyone makes mistakes and my transition from stocks to crypto didn't start well. I was grasping for knowledge, mainly on the market and there was a point I was down heavy from my daytrading stack. Surrounding myself with the right people and trying to understand Bitcoin and its effects on the market helped me trade a lot better in this bear(ish) market.

You can and you should ask questions. Send a direct message to Until1mil, Chartvamp, KKTHXBYE or anyone with the Community Managers role. You can also use the form on the frontpage (click and proceed to the bottom) and I'll receive an e-mail with those questions.

During the bear market you'll make money and when the bull market returns, you'll be ready to do your own trades instead of following what everyone else is doing.

Finally, keep this in your head all the time.

Market Knowledge > Chart Patterns > TradingView Indicators > TradingView Strategies

What apps do you need?

Discord - To communicate with us. The 1on1's are also done through discord with voice call and screensharing.

Trading View - To do your Technical Analysis and use the indicators. I'll go over adding our indicators on TV on the last section of these tutorials.

Consider donating to CryptoCharts - BTC: 17KYmfnqgr2ubMb97giQ4ha6BM8LzRhKHi


Where can you find us other than discord?